A First Guide to Process Work

“We live in a world that is constantly changing and only ever partially known” writes the Cambridge academic. Science has now firmly established that there is nothing static – everything is in movement – including our minds. The idea that there is an objective observer studying and measuring reality – giving out error free accurate observations. was a convenient staging post in the journey of knowledge itself – nothing more. The. convenience that the ‘staging post’ offered was/is to create a range of knowledge that. permits substantial command over the material world – so essential for the. technological progress with tools. This staging post also served the desire to “conquer. nature”. This range of knowledge has constituted what may safely be called. mainstream. In the Social Sciences this is represented by the “cognitive” and “positivist” lines of thought. Burell and Morgan call this the functionalist school in the. .‘objectivist’ quadrant of their schema mapping the various paradigms in the Social. Sciences.

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