Central Credo

We believe that human beings (collectively and individually) have the unique gift of being able to conceive better futures, and, are capable of reviewing themselves resulting in the ability to “change by choice”. This is rooted in the adage Atma Vidya Param Vidya (self awareness is the mother lode).


Individuals in organizations are doing their best while attempting to hold in simultaneity, individual aspirations, concerns and organizational roles.

Organisation as a community of relationship

People in organizations behave like communities. Western literature has looked at this as the “informal organization”. The concept of informal organization implicitly points to happenings in the galleries, tending to dilute the gaze on the board room. In reality relationships and images that crystallize over time play a major role in the Board Rooms and formal transactions as well. In the ultimate analysis, the sense of being a community of belonging is a powerful source of the pride and energy, so vital for collective achievement.

The Secret of Change by Choice

Human beings have a unique place. They are not to be confused with other resources, capital or means of production. Human beings are beings with intelligence and energy. We believe the task of creating change is akin to mobilization of action and will for organizational and individual good. Appropriate structured dialogues leading to creative resolutions of differences is the key to synergy. Combined with structured upward and downward communication, it gives rise to learning and innovation on an ongoing basis. This is the key to creating, leading and harnessing positive change.

Breaking from the Past, Building Institutions

It is possible for each organization to review its present working, take the best from its past, find a completely new trajectory, and, create new traditions that are not dependent on individuals but are embedded in the collective identity. It is possible for an organisation to enhance its present quality in terms of discipline, innovativeness, coordination, cooperation and accomplishments by becoming more self aware and taking conscious democratic steps. These steps involve both the business front as well as the energy front.

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