Change by Choice

We believe that organizations are living entities that develop a collective mind and a spirit, and that like all living entities, have a level of fitness. Our work is designed to enable you to achieve higher levels of 'fitness' of your organisation, teams and individuals as well, via 'change by choice'.

Fitness is visible in an organization’s or an individual's inner energy (“innergy”), resilience and ability to develop greater varieties of responses to challenges of internal integration as well as external adaptation.

Our mission is to bring together the best of knowledge in the human sciences and promote learning through application of this knowledge for individual and collective achievement, wholesomeness and fitness.

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Senior Consultant
Senior Consultant
Senior Consultant
Associate Consultant

With our backgrounds in Applied Behavioural Sciences, Management, Engineering, Psychology and the Liberal Arts, we have developed practices that assist client organizations to increase their vitality and learn ways of continuing to do so.

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