Areas of Engagement

Classical OD practice developed the term Interventions, acts that are planned to help alter the course of unfolding of the organization, obviously for the better, more desirable ways.

All interventions are planned, discourse free, highly participative and steered jointly by the client and us.

Leading and Managing Change

All organizations desire to change for the better. Short term needs and long term needs have to be balanced. This intervention begins by developing a data based “change vision”. It then moves on to facilitating the development of a road map, delineating strategies for buy-in by those who will participate in the change process. Finally it guides the implementation phase to completion and evaluation. This is our premium product.

Developing Internal Leaders and Leadership Processes

All managers have some leadership qualities. Our programs help in identifying individual capabilities and creating personal development programs for individuals. We also address in the process the requirements of collective leadership, an imperative in today’s business scenario.

Team Strengthening

Team characteristics keep changing. This is due either to new entries and exits, or, evolutionary processes. Team strengthening interventions are designed to help the team upgrade its capability, synergy, levels of trust and voluntary cooperation.

Team Formation

Talent is hired and put together to make up teams. There is an urgency for the group of talented individuals to perform as a team. These workshops accelerate the “forming” process. New teams find ways of smooth functioning far sooner than they would have in the normal course. Individual and group level developmental and managerial action plans emerge from there.

Collective Leadership at the top

The need for collective processes at the top management level is becoming stronger especially in the new age industries. A diagnostic generates the base for developing customized workshops that help top teams to upgrade levels of idea sharing, voluntary support and synergy.

Organization Design

Organizations are usually designed with ideal members in mind. In reality the design process needs to take into account the people involved, the past relationships and aspirations of the individuals. We help generate designs that are likely to optimize available resources and performance.

Vision Building

Often confused with business targets. Vision is not only a quantifiable goal, it is also spatial and lies in the imagination. Business imperatives are best addressed with logic, while vision is rooted in dreams. Uniting these two gives rise to business visions that help foster the business as well as the people and relationships that will take the business to new heights. Our vision building exercise is based on a design that has evolved into a structured instrument. It helps anchor the design on the individual and collective aspirations of the group assigned this task, usually the leadership team. It is an in depth exercise based on tapping the left as well as right brain resources of the group. 

Organization Innergy Assessment

Our assessment searches for the patterns of behaviour and emotion characterizing the working of the organization. The study is carried out using rigorous qualitative research procedures. We process the findings to arrive at the Moola Mantra of the organization. The Moola Mantra (root assumptions, world view and action patterns, invariably located in the unconscious plane) generates all arenas of behavior and thought thereby influencing business decisions, organization design, as well as people related choices. The assessment identifies the de-energizers in the ambience and delineates the current identity of the organization (read more). These now understandings reveal clearly the way forward for upgrading the health as well as the organizational capability of the client. Based on the findings the client and we jointly design interventions.

Family-Business Interface

For family owned businesses, we have helped processes of transition, consolidation and structuring this interface. This intervention is particularly useful when there are more than one member of the promoters' family in active roles in the business.We design tailor made exercises to help resolve conflicts and differences, maintain healthy working relationships - at work as well as at the family levels.

Mid Career, Late Career Review, Self Renewal

These interventions foster an in depth review of careers so far. The aim is to discover hidden, unutilized potentials. Best recommended for fast track, senior members as it helps generate new visions for the self as well as the organizations. As a by product these also provide new solutions to issues of work-life balance.

Roles, Membership and Self

These are in the nature of personal growth exercises that create an opportunity for participants to review their roles and membership in the organization with a view to discovering newer balance and strategies for individual capability enhancement. A great support in managing career transition.

Inter Group

Conflicts arise in relationships where collaboration is called for. At times groups that are expected to collaborate develop conflicting interfaces leading to huge wastage. We offer structured methods for diagnosing and conducting on line resolution exercises for such situations.

Intra Team Resolution

As teams progress in time, differences can accumulate into suppressed conflicts between members or subgroups. Trust goes down leading to toxic processes of waste and underperformance by the teams.Dysfunctional competition replaces collaboration bringing performance down. Our interventions in this domain diagnoses the team and helps the team to diagnose itself.The issues of conflict are brought to the table in a frame of safety such that the problems become managable and new solutions emerge. Structured settings are then created for the conflicts to become apparent, leading to finding resolution that are syntonic with the individuals as well as the group. Win lose tensions are resolved into win win situations.

Executive Coaching

We offer client centered executive coaching. The aim is to create an opportunity through a structured process to review one’s own experience with a view to arrive at realistic assessments and discovery of unutilized resources. It paves the way for developing highly creative new courses of action and managerial effectiveness.

Leadership Coaching

We offer a structured systematic and confidential space for individuals to work on their developmental needs for delivering more satisfactory business results as well as individual wellness. A premium product, we have been doing this over the last 25 years.

Upgrading HR Capabilities

The HR function in most organizations get loaded with maintenance and hygiene factors. The developmental aspect usually goes unattended. Slowly but surely HR and the balance of the organization develops an uneasy equation with dissatisfaction. While HR surely is a managerial function, its mother science is not management as taught in B-School curricula but the social sciences especially of the applied type. We help the HR function and the organization discover and develop the relationship by increasing the HR group’s diagnostic and responsive repertoire.

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