Organisation Diagnostic

Here is a checklist to help diagnose your organization. On the left are a set of items that can be seen in the organization, these are the manifest problems. On the right of each item is the “human” aspects connected to the problem. This list is the result of observations across several organizations and is reasonably independent of industry type or size of business.

Symptoms Problems
wastage helpless resignation, resentment, most members feel powerless
under achievement (individual) low self worth, under valuing
non co-operation receiving raw deals, feel exploited, vulnerable “cheated”, “what is in it for me”
poor team work no integrator, poor leadership, leadership not in touch with people’s subjective realities
low morale no visible hope, fear of disintegration, fear of loss, despondency
blunders unrecognised hate, anger, inadequacy & fear
poor quality insufficient systemic support, technical inadequacy
stagnation lack of entrepreneurial energy, fear of failure, fear of loss
under achievement insufficient upward communication, insufficient systems & infrastructure, resentment, ignorance of capabilities especially of machines & flow lines, what is in it for me, exploitativeness, lack of ownership of company’s business targets, insufficient quantity and quality of downward communication
poor time management indecisiveness, disowned inadequacy, role and identity mismatches, "yes buts & no buts”. authoritarian inside, democratic outside, issues of initiative and responsibility
indiscipline dubiousness in exercises of authority, history of patronage and exploitation, unreconciled differences in the top team

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