For the most part practical and/or contemporary knowledge and insights into human processes are rarely available in usable form by people. “Easy to read” versions are proferred in the public media but these are almost invariably of “curio” value and unusable. We believe this is essentially unjust as it drives a wedge between the individual and his human context pushing her towards heightened instrumenthood, a cog in the wheel.

Written by Sushanta Banerjee on invitation by the Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Sciences for their Silver Jubilee commemorative volume, May 1997

This paper begins by offering a new term "Process Centered Institution Building" (PCIB) along with a description.  It distinguishes itself from the classical managerial problem-solving paradigm by

Here is a checklist to help diagnose your organization. On the left are a set of items that can be seen in the organization, these are the manifest problems.

A Practitioner’s Account of a 27 year Journey in OD Paper presented at the conference “Organisation Development by Design” held by the Indian Academy for Organisation Development – Sumedhas Academy